DJ Seroton Trance Nchantment Vol 11 CD Cover

DJ Seroton Trance Nchantment Vol 11 CD Cover
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Image by Alaeddin
Trance Nchantment (Vol 11) – Upbeat Heart Pumping Trance Rhythms

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1. Paul Van Dyk feat. Vega 4 – Time Of Our Lives (PvD’s Time To Chill Mix)
2. Airbase feat. Floria Ambra – Less Than More (Original Mix)
3. Ryan Farish (Official Facebook) – Then Came the Sun
4. ATB – Could You Believe (A&T NY Nights Mix)
5. Stoneface & Terminal feat. Cathy Burton – Go The Distance (Club Mix)
6. Armin van Buuren – Pulsar (Original Mix)
7. Simon Patterson feat. Lucy Pullin – The One (Original Mix)
8. DNS PROJECT pres. Whiteglow feat. Lo-Fi Sugar – Uncross These Lines (Vocal Mix)
9. Ronny K. & Auren Leen feat. Marcie – In Silence (Original Dub Mix)
10. Tritonal feat. Jeza – I Can Breathe (Original Extended Mix)
11. High Noon At Salinas & Kyrst – Virgin Kyle Beach (Angel Ace Remix)
12. DJ Shogun – Skyfire (Original Mix)


Ladies and gentlemen I think I have here what will turn out to be one of my favorite Trance mixes of all time!
It’s always been my philosophy to only use tracks that are uplifting and melodic, and in a way timeless representation of the beauty of Trance music. No where is this more evident than this mix. It starts with a memorable chillout version of Paul Van Dyk’s “Time of Our Lives”, then it launches into an incredible blend of uplifting and vocal Trance tunes that are each worth their weight in gold, let alone being all mixed into one free-flowing masterpiece.
Enjoy and let me know what you think. If you absolutely love it give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends to spread the love of Trance music.

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