Does Cam Newton get too much blame for Panthers struggles last season? | Speak For Yourself

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20 Responses

  1. Zach Adam says:

    "I'm not afraid to criticize cam" shut yo coon ass up

  2. T Price says:

    I'm a panthers fan and it's not cam fault if his receivers are not getting open or not running route then u can't expect him to stand there he has to take off it's about gaining yards in this league also his OL was extremely injured also that is a factor

  3. Ayejax says:

    he just gotta work on his accuracy and his decision making he got dumb amount of power, just gotta practice practice practice his game, how to throw it in pressure, which side of the shoulder to throw it to, how to read defenses who's likely to be open vs what formations and if they are running zone or man, how to be smarter in the option. thats a hard position but if he is really working on his game right now with the pieces he has, his tight end curtis samuel and christian mccafereym i forgot who their reciever is but if they get a tall fast guy like megatron or julio jones its game over they fasho going to the ship, only thing about them maybe their o line needs work because i rememeber they were getting to him alot before but even then hes gotta get in the gmy build those legs up get faster and learn to throw on the run. but besides that Im really going to vegas and putting my money on the panthers because they going to the ship this year they might be a dynasty now,

  4. tyler best says:

    I like how kelvin Benjamin and devin funchess with their sloppy ass routes or stone hands ginn with all the drops don't even get mentioned when talking about his low comp. percentage.

  5. Retro Rezolve says:

    So you don't need an offense now to be effective. While These other QBs have star players. Smh

  6. Ignite J says:

    the real joke are the retards who think cam is better than Andrew luck

  7. Daniel Ashford says:

    people forget the weapons that cam played with in the Superbowl an the second play of the game j-stew got hurt and the wide receivers he had to play with was ted gin and jerricho cotchery what qb can win with that let me know and before the season started they had the worst offence lines in the league look it up if you need too going against one of the best defense ever remember what the broncos did to tom brady and he had gronk and one of the best offensive lines people seem to forget when it comes to cam or just hate they don't do that to Andrew Luck he will always have an excuse when he plays bad just saying

  8. Ronnie Bryant says:

    As a Panthers fan, I went back and watched alot of the pass plays on NFL game pass…and when Cam had time in the pocket, and I pressed pause, NO ONE would be open on many occasions. To the naked eye, it looks like he's holding the football or regressing, when really, last season, his receivers failed him miserably.

  9. 919bw1ll says:

    wow for once i agree with whitlock

  10. PantherPride2013 says:

    Wait… Doesn't Luck get a pass for holding the ball to long, throwing interceptions or getting hit or as they put….the Oline isn't protecting him or its Pagnos fauktb

  11. Lord Clarke says:

    Andrew Luck doesn't have any of the accomplishments of Cam but the media always defends him

  12. Lord Clarke says:

    Do we forget in the Superbowl that the WR kept dropping passes

  13. Lord Clarke says:

    It's hard to consistently win when you don't have a good offense around you outside of Greg Olsen

  14. MarMeez says:

    Julio jones put up 300 receiving yards on them, but ig that's cam fault.

  15. Robert Buckles says:

    cam doesn't get enough blame!!!! his arrogance, disrespect towards opposing teams etc….he's a bum,always has been always will be!!! hope he's gets so banged up that his punk ass has to retire!!!

  16. jaws102585 says:

    Coonlock talking about someone getting their weight down.. #Stick2Snacks

  17. Tank28 says:

    Damn,is everyone leaving ESPN for Fox sports? I wonder who's next?

  18. Prince Kosmo says:

    Fire Mike Shula

  19. Sean Dolan says:

    Not enough blame, he has a childish demeanour and doesn't hold himself accountable when losing nor does he show humility when winning

  20. Joseph Harris says:

    How about the Panther's FO for what happened with Norman because another key reason for the Panther's drop-off last season was the dramatic decline in their pass defense and I'm sure not resigning Norman was key reason why that happened!

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