Emmy Awards 2015: Who’s Next In Line For An EGOT? | 80Twelve

Winning an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony, or EGOT for short, is a huge achievement in show business. Who are the entertainers that are the most likely to complete an EGOT next? Watch to find out!


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Emmy Awards 2015: Who’s Next In Line For An EGOT? | 80Twelve
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4 Responses

  1. DisneySwan1990 Sagalina says:

    Kevin Spacey is about to join EGOT, he has won an Oscar & an Tony, now he just needs an Grammy & an Emmy (for House of Cards), hopefully, Kevin's gonna win that Emmy this year for it.

  2. EverythingJunkie says:

    Jennifer Hudson is next. She's got the Oscar and the Grammy. She'll get the Tony for The Color Purple. She just needs the Emmy.

    Madonna and Kathy Griffin both have a Grammy and an Emmy, they just needs a Tony and an Oscar which is highly unlikely for both…haha

  3. san par says:

    I hope Lady Gaga joins the EGOT club someday

  4. Angel Alvarez says:


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