ESPYS 2017 – Jarrius Robertson Full Speech Jimmy V Award

ESPYS 2017 Full Show – ESPY Awards 2017 Full Show 7-12-17

Jimmy V Perseverance Award
Jimmy V Perseverance Award
Jimmy V Perseverance Award
Jimmy V Perseverance Award

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20 Responses

  1. MikeDatank24 Gaming says:

    πŸ’― I respect lil man I started crying looking at this

  2. Itz Sombra says:

    I haven't cried this hard since Connor the crusher😭

  3. ryanroland45 says:

    love this kid.

  4. Jon M says:

    that was so cool especially in the clip where the dad said that they took Jarrius off the respirator and he started breathing, I can relate to this story being born a 1. pound 9oz baby with no chance of survival

  5. Pewg says:


  6. savannah_42 says:

    What's the song name of when Jarrius was walking to the stage? It had no lyrics just vocals.

  7. Arjun Akella says:

    The one person who disliked the video should rot in hell.

  8. Shane_tyndall_fire says:

    Was he nervous reading?

  9. LAguy58 says:

    It's been a blessing seeing him on the local news & watching his perseverance through his battle. Congrats lil man, you inspire me as well, & Go Saints!

  10. Joey Hernandez says:

    Much respect God Bless him πŸ™

  11. Josh Stoll says:

    Who ever disliked this fuck you

  12. I'm on ya head boy says:

    I didn't wanna cry why did I watch this

  13. Clint Hodges says:

    yea to be able threw all that makes you humble and thankful for. a healty one

  14. RoRo_Cee says:

    God bless jarrius, keep fighting I'm praying for u man keep being who u are πŸ™

  15. Brelan Culpepper says:

    The cool thing is there is no dislikes

  16. Angie Brown says:

    JJ you are awesome and your perseverance is so inspiring God is Good

  17. Sweatshirts Gaming says:

    ima lick john cenas sexy biceps

  18. Tone Rice says:

    Great job Young Prince

  19. Jana Merrett says:

    tears πŸ’πŸ’ͺ

  20. Kevin piper says:

    I love this kids

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