Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1 Reaction and Review “Dragonstone”

John and Mike check out Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1 “Dragonstone”.


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20 Responses

  1. Roger Sampeur says:

    Euron is bringing cersi sand snakes theon n asha

  2. REC suspence says:

    she wiped her hand on the table that Stannis and Melisandre f*** on

  3. Morné Haynes says:

    Jon Starkgaryen haha, but the reveal end of Season 6 would leave him either a Blackfyre (bastard Targaryen) or a Sand (Bastard of Dorne, Tower of Joy is in Dorne)? Unless a further reveal that Rhaygar and Lyanna had a secret marriage thus legitimising him

  4. Ceyda Charming says:

    Ok, here is my take:

    Sansa is a smart girl and towards the end she said she learned a lot from the Mad Queen. She knows better to not argue with her brother in front of everyone. It could be that she was because she is young and maybe a little influenced by Baelish, but maybe she threw that fit on purpose? She said she knows what Baelish wants so maybe she's planning something for him?

  5. Fey Az says:

    Can someone just put Lyanna on the iron throne already!

  6. Red Ensign says:

    sansa, shut your piehole when men and the mormont kid are talking.

  7. Mark Ernest Barcial says:

    Jhon Starkgaeryan

  8. Woad_Brah says:

    I really hope the show doesn't go down the retarded feminist propaganda route of making literally 50% of the North's army female.

    If they do that any suspension of disbelief will be gone. Watching the 4'8", 60 pound Sand Snakes beating up large men was bad enough.

  9. Mimi M says:

    what are you guys talking about? Danny is Jon's aunt. They are not going to get together. I know this is GOT but come on.

  10. Mayhemm007 says:

    Whatever you do, don't run a blacklight over that table!

  11. bigbullbk says:

    This reaction video sucks. I mean geez, you guys should stop making reaction videos. You cut out most of the scenes.

  12. bigbullbk says:

    This guy is not a GOT fan. He can't even pronounce Daenarys.

  13. Hangin With Web Show says:

    Winter has come! AWESOME! Ayra is going to be epic this season! The whole ep was just great!

  14. Darkside nate says:

    i was singing with you lol

  15. Christian Budiarjo says:

    Jon is the cousin of sansa, bran, and arya. he's the nephew of Dany.

  16. Christian Budiarjo says:

    we found out the lannister army is tired, hungry, and ready to go home from arya's interaction. which confirmed what jamie was telling cersei when discussing what to do about all of the enemies around them.

  17. The Kurdman says:

    I'm officially afraid for Arya's character.

  18. Arioch IV says:

    Hmm… they still have the Baratheon stag over King's Landing in the opening, though it's now clearly under Lannister control and all the Baratheons are dead.

  19. vgernyc says:

    Cersei "You murdered your own brother"

    Euron "You should try it"

    Cersi <I have, but you're not me>

  20. Slick Stream says:

    jaqen is so proud!! 🙂

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