Gold Twist Ending Explained Breakdown And Recap – The Real Story Behind Gold

Gold Twist Ending Explained Breakdown And Recap - The Real Story Behind Gold

Gold Staring Matthew McConaughey And Edgar Ramirez Is A Movie Inspired By True Events That Teaches Us About Value. But The Ending Leaves Several Questions Needing Answering And What’s The Real Story Behind Gold.

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19 Responses

  1. Werks Guy says:

    so if kenny died then his wife or girl friend at the time would have ended up with everything? I liked the movie and thanks for doing this review, where is the link below to read about it? just bustin balls lol!

  2. LaVie CestCompliqué says:

    j'ai trop aimé ce film

  3. Sungwon Shin says:

    So he died with 80m in his pocket .. so what … wow…damn…life you never know..

  4. Leo13809 says:

    He's most likely to be alive. Why else would only the face and hand be missing?

  5. V Lord says:

    thanks for telling the real story

  6. Fender says:

    It's obvious that Acosta and the Indonesian Government had an agreement to allow Acosta to live in secrecy in exchange for his earnings instead of handing him to US without reeking any benefits. The fake death was orchestrated.

    Either that, or US did capture Acosta and have him killed and took all the money. In exchange for Kenny's silence, they offered him some shares for him and his woman to live.

  7. Faisal Chaudhary says:

    By the ending, I strongly believe Acosta still might be alive or not dead at the time, when it was assumed so. He looks like the real dark horse in the movie.
    Anyways great movie.

  8. Youtube Garbage says:

    go back and replace the word he with HIS….you sound dumb.

  9. Z- Cohh says:

    Can he even Cash that check? Wouldn't the FBI find out right away ?

  10. Danny Zuko says:

    But how does he cash that check if that committee told him they'd be watching him? Sincere question in case I ever end up in a situation like that. Lol

  11. Dessienewshoes says:

    Good shit bro

  12. Theo P says:

    excellent. was looking all over for someone to upload a video like this and while i found 100 none of them are any good. you have a cool voice for this kind of thing and i can tell you did your research. subscribed

  13. Cassandra Amore says:

    Thank you very mucky for explaining this video

  14. American5585 says:

    I don't know why do critics consider this a bad movie. It is fantastic

  15. elizabeth barrett says:

    Edgar Ramirez…OMG hhhhhoooottt

  16. Abhishek Yadav says:

    so what was it if not gold ?

  17. BreAnna Smith says:

    Just saw this..Still super confused about the ending. Was the money that Kenny got in the end from the investors?

  18. Geek Mate says:

    i didin''t even know this movie was made

  19. gavin bullard says:

    I literally just think I broke my ps4

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