How Arakawa Hiromu Avoids Deus Ex Machina

I talk a little about Arakawa Hiromu and her masterpiece manga series, Fullmetal Alchemist.



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I say offensive things for the sake of comedy and entertainment. The opinions I express should be taken with a grain of salt.

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5 Responses

  1. Gael Sarmiento says:

    saying that it should always be rated ten out of ten is very subjective because your basically saying it is perfect and there is nothing wrong which it which is not true because both series have plenty wrong with it and while it is good that the story avoids deus ex machina it doesn't make it ten out of ten best anime ever . again like you said it is bold to say it but you can't say its a masterpiece when both have plenty wrong.

  2. Modmaster68 says:

    I thought J.K Rowling was the person you thought was the best writer (Lenny face) (sorry I couldn't be bothered to paste a Lenny face)

  3. Bien Gaddi says:

    Best thing about this anime are:
    – Fully realised and carefully set up story and plot
    – Fleshed out main and supporting characters with real motivation and reasoning for their actions (they don't do good just for the sake of being good)
    – The antagonists had personality and don't rely on sheer force alone.
    – There was no random power ups gained by the characters (Ed actually loses his power)
    – The pasts of the characters were explored and affected the actions of the characters in present time
    – The story was not rushed and took its time revealing the plot and characters
    – Most if not all characters were relatable and served a purpose to the story; they were not just plot devices thrown away after they were done (you actually care what happens to them)
    – There was tension created since the success of the characters were not always guaranteed if at all
    – The main characters actually use common sense and strategic tactics
    – The anime had a satisfying gradual ending that concluded properly
    I am sure there are more that I forgot to mention. FMA is an amazing anime; a needle in a hay stack of shit anime. It is my hope that one day an anime like or better than FMA (not just in story but in execution) shall be created.

  4. Sad Seymour says:

    Solid vid shinji, FMA was one of my first and the manga/anime made a big impression on me.

  5. The Anime Dude says:

    Liked the video.
    FMA isn't my favorite or anything, but I've always thought it was certainly one of the best of all time.
    This video definitely made me appreciate the writing that went into it more so than I already did, and that's saying something. Haha.
    All in all:
    good video. ✅
    Very educational. ✅
    Love the passion. ✅

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