HOW TO /BOB BOX BRAIDS /using a straightener to seal the tip

HOW TO /BOB BOX BRAIDS /using a straightener to seal the tip

A tutorial on how to make box braids and how I seal the tip with a straingthener before cutting.
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20 Responses

  1. Lasheka Sainnatus says:

    hkow many packs of hair did you use?

  2. Zionah Burford says:

    send me some hair

  3. Iren Donkor says:

    0244937402 n you Mum

  4. Iren Donkor says:

    I love the styles but please I have in case I want learn more from you mum

  5. Juliana Juliane says:

    amei só qui aonde eu moro n te 😥😭

  6. Dearra Walters says:

    So I flat-ironed my braids to bump them and some are now shiny and grey looking like they melted. Is there a way to make them not look shiny ?

  7. snamakula97 says:

    Great idea i have been burning my fingers this is neat

  8. N T says:

    That's amazing!

  9. Samya Harrison says:

    Could this be used for Senegalese twist as well

  10. Jeekai W says:

    your grey is gorgeous

  11. Anneicia Gordon says:

    what type of hair is used for burning the ends


    Beautiful and very neat.

  13. Kellyann Peters says:

    very lovely ….
    how any packs of braid did u use

  14. James Aisha says:

    wonderful wonderful 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  15. Jeyanna Peter says:

    god bless u to

  16. Ray Kamara says:

    I like that nice.she's beautiful.

  17. Rockbeez Channel says:

    Great idea willl try that next

  18. sharniquebray says:

    Do u have a link to buy that hair online??? None of the beauty shops around here have that color!

  19. Takelya DuPont says:

    Shucks, I've been burning my finger tips for nothing.

  20. kemi esan says:

    I love the collection of extension behind you…..pls send me some

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