Hey beauties!
So today I have a very exciting beauty tip for you guys! I am going to show you how I personally grow out my lashes & brows in just a few days if you stay consistent with this method! It works wonders. I will show you exactly what you need, and show you how to apply it step by step. Hope you enjoy the video & don’t mind my NO MAKEUP face loll 🙂
-alexx xo

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Vaseline/ Petroleum Jelly

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20 Responses

  1. xoxoxo danny says:

    your mad pretty without makeup❤

  2. Mel Whitefordhall says:

    Hey, how long does it take to notice brow growth with Vasiline.

  3. Darlene Achille says:

    silly self! Lmbo…you don't need makeup!!! 😁

  4. Zoé says:

    I've been doing this for about a week now for every night with petroleum jelly on my lashes and brows. the results aren't dramatic, but it's a work in progress. my eyelashes have grown a lot on my right eye, but not as much on my left eye. as for my eyebrows, I haven't really seen results, but I'll be sure to update you guys weekly!

  5. Oreo says:

    Can I look that good without makeup please

  6. Viktorie Mastná says:

    you are amazing without makeup and the vaseline and oil works really well so good now my eyebrows are perefect

  7. Tanja says:

    does this also work with olive oil with basilicum in it? and you just put it on 1x a day before you go to bed??

  8. jodie steel says:

    I've just come across this video and you are beautiful!!! don't apologise for not wearing makeup you are soo pretty ❤

  9. anime&gore lover says:

    subtitles: Follow Allah 😂 4:20

  10. Chloye Straker says:

    you say your hair is a mess!that's the style I aim for😂😂😂

  11. Aliyah Madayag says:

    I thought your hair and face looked fine

  12. nicole jones says:

    why u have good skin

  13. Delfi fioren says:

    I have a lip balm that I don't really use, I read the back and it says it is vaseline with vitamine E, so I'm going to try this out with it!

  14. Akari Haga says:

    you're pretty

  15. Audrey Maxine says:

    vaseline does not work for me 🙁 how to do it correctly?

  16. Maera Nguiamba says:

    so perfect without makeup😱😍

  17. Chanterica Bolin says:

    you're gorgeous without honeybun

  18. Sassy killjoy Sara says:

    Can you use Vaseline with aloe vera in it? (stupid question but oh well :D)

  19. Emily Garza says:

    your pretty, you should feel proud of your face without makeup

  20. Unique Suniga says:

    its mit- night lmfao

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