Lewes Bonfire 2016 | In The Ranks | Extended Edition

Filmed on the 5th of November in Lewes, East Sussex. It is a video of the war memorial, marching, fireworks display and bonfire prayers. Edited on Adobe Premiere.
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5 Responses

  1. Super Gizzy says:

    how did u get those fire crackers in the uk

  2. Nigel2AB says:

    So pleased you shot and edited this in 60 FPS, fireworks simply don't look right at jittery old 25 or 30 FPS.

  3. Ben Kepka says:

    You got some great video footage on that night too. Love it!

  4. samsaint11 says:

    Hey Henry can I use parts of your video for a project?

  5. den o says:

    This is an absolutely fantastic event.  I used to come down from Glasgow and would love to go down again.

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