Lionel Messi video analysis – Ways to create space

A video analysis containing examples of Lionel Messi creates time and space on the ball. The analysis was done using footage from a clash between Barcelona and Real Madrid at the Camp Nou in February 2013

Lionel Messi through movement and sometimes lack of movement has various ways he creates space on the pitch. This video takes a look at some of those ways.

Good football education for both coaches and players a like.

Music credits: Fools – “One” (Your Name) Swedish House Mafia Mix
Pharrel Williams – “Happy” (Instrumental non copyright version)
Sizzlebird – “Meditate”

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20 Responses

  1. asd97350 says:

    Whoever this is, thank you for allowing me to improve by properly analysing my idol

  2. Jude Thaddeus says:

    Hve got a match tommorow, will try and practice this stuff

  3. Mahamed Ali says:

    can you make more of these videos maybe one wich features both ronaldo and messi

  4. JoshHam10 says:

    This was so helpful!

  5. Puma David says:

    musica tan culo

  6. Ash steven says:

    guys who's mess I?

  7. Septian Gusonela says:

    every player always learn how to make space out head of them to win a match. Like messi did it before, he normally always use this trick because both messi be attacker and playmaker

  8. shayan Habibi says:

    I recently found out about the channel. I love the videos. keep up the good work! by the way, I'd really appreciate center defensive and attacking mid analysis videos like Luka Modric, Toni Kroos Ozil….

  9. Prince Myaka says:

    i will follow these tips

  10. NKL says:

    why do the defenders not come closer?

  11. Walter E. Kurtz says:

    Nice work derek. i want more(ronaldhino, brazil.ronaldo, griessmann etc.) thumbs up!!!

  12. easymoneyassaultrifle says:

    this is suck

  13. Manuel Matteo says:

    3:40 Ronaldo looks like he's going to take a free kick

  14. Sivakumar Selvam says:

    Why the fuck have you added a song with lyrics? Can't concentrate and analyse the movements of Messi

  15. Rayno Raynov says:

    Call me stupid, but am I the only one who noticed that the result in the end was not good for Barca?
    I admit that in some situations the way he created space for himself was good and clever, but…
    He never rec'd the ball near to the goal. Everytime away, with atleast 2-3 defenders in front of him, and almost always forced to pass back or sideways.
    I think if he plays like this the whole game long (not scoring goals but just wandering around), the defenders will be pretty happy, as we can see by the final result…

  16. Abdallah Gouro says:

    did barca actually lost against real madrird in this game?

  17. ajam al-ayubi says:

    very helpful….thank

  18. daniel walter says:

    and the game shows we are losing by 3-0 to madrid?? when was this game played?

  19. Maxinho 123 says:

    please do more individual analysis so helpful! thanks a lot – great work.

  20. henrikogonsales says:

    Omg this video changed the way i play soccer in the right direction, thanks mate!

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