[NEW] One Punch Man | Saitama VS Bakuzan & Gouketsu | Chapter 116 #75 {1080p}

The newest chapter of One Punch Man (Chapter 116) left me speechless. Wow.

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One Punch Man OST – BATTLE!! V.Nae0000
One Punch Man OST – Inferiority V.Nae0000
Ichigo Pushes Aizen Back Theme Song
Bleach OST – Stand Up Be Strong (Part II)
DRAGON BALL SUPER – Believe in Yourself [Styzmask Remix] (Unbreakable Determination)
The Ultimate Soldier – Evangelion 3.0 [Lyrics]
ONE PUNCH MAN OP -THE HERO !! (Guitar Cover) ワンパンマン OP (ギター弾いてみた) – YouTube
One Punch Man Emotional Soundtrack Cover Arranged by Jackon-TC『ワンパンマン 』- Sad theme
Epic Anime OST eXORiST + Eren s Berserk Theme mashup remix (improved)
One Punch Man [Unbeatable] – Epic Soundtrack Remix by JACKON-TC [Jackon-TC Cover]
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20 Responses

  1. GetOutoFHere Mate! says:

    U got to love the comedy in one punch man its awsome. Can't wait for the anime too.


    roses are red
    violets are blue
    team 10 is shitty
    England is my city

    roses are red
    violets are blue
    I want to see your titties
    England is my city

    also I know that violets aren't blue

  3. Monkey D Sasori says:

    cause genos kind of force his way to be saitama disciple

  4. Monkey D Sasori says:

    guys the real question is do ya think suiryu will be saitama next disciple

  5. Khaled SLAIMIA says:

    saitama the coolest hero in anime ever

  6. glendy palacio says:

    i think saitama power is infinite like a space, he want to fight a strongest opponent more than him but it will not happen..kida boring life saitama until he died.haha

  7. Picturing my love says:

    Serious question: What could happen if Saitama ate one monster cell? would his strength increase or decrease? would it even work?

  8. COAJROHN says:

    12:22 lucky guess to know he's the one Suiryu was referring to :O

  9. Greg Cobb says:

    great music…but what a fucked up way to reduce MY one punch man.

  10. Mini Moustache says:

    Me: "So…
    Some say that no one can give Saitama a good fight due to him being a Satire character…"

    Friend: "Yeah, but, what if there was a person who was so terrifying that they could just ignore that rule?"

    Me: "OK sure, but who?"

    Both of Us: "…Lord of the Dark Arts, Godslayer, Weed Smoker, Master Popo."

  11. Himanshu Rawat says:

    Now we all know how strong Boros was

  12. nepz proud says:

    goku would end like gouketsu. saitama>>>>>>goku

  13. Master Forex says:

    if saitama eats to become monsters..the world end!

  14. destroy all night says:

    the secret is losing your hair

  15. Dark Side says:

    I wonder if Suiryu will ever be a hero..
    He could be rank S for sure.

  16. ODDnanref says:

    Saitama Is such a disappointing hero, but man he has impecable comidic timing.

  17. Revenet42 says:

    seriously, bleach music?

  18. Super Spicy Dankster says:

    This chapter is kinda sad until you see that head slam nearby Suiryu.

  19. Mayuri is King says:

    Bleach music on a One Punch Man video???? Why??? So weird.

  20. Bat Man says:

    the equivalent of saitama to gouketsu is like and neutron vs infinity of universe

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