Nick Clegg attacks Theresa May calling GE2017 and LibDem prospects (19Apr17)

Liberal Democrat ex-Deputy PM Nick Clegg, attacks very well, Tory PM Theresa May calling a snap General Election to boost number of Tory MPs, while claiming it’s all to do with Brexit – which is a LIE. Clegg also talks about the prospects of the LibDems in the 2017 general election, which look very good.

Recorded from BBC News Channel HD, 19 April 2017.
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20 Responses

  1. Anthony Galpin says:

    nick clegg liar twat

  2. grecohungary daz says:

    clegg is one biggest fuck wits in politics he is a total loser tosser biggest arsewiper

  3. Jim says:

    I wish this prick was a candidate in my constituency I would take great delight in seeing him lose his seat

  4. Busher50 says:

    Look at what 5 years of lies and deceit have done to him.

  5. mattyianlea says:

    When people were watching this did hypocrite come to mind?

  6. adrian lloyd says:

    And you are a 'ludicrous,confected,fake 'politician Mr Clegg

  7. Darren W says:

    this bloke is a cunt….he has been in politics for a long time….that makes him a big cunt in my eyes. What planks could ever vote the libs. Might as well use your ballot paper as toilet paper.

  8. Matthew Buchanan says:

    Let's not forget that Clegg made the deal with the devil to give the Tory party power in the first place

  9. loren 1 says:

    If brexit didnt go through well there would be riots, Teressa is handling EU as long as she doesn't pay EU off, she has my respect, corbyn is a joke and certainly couldn't handle brexit

  10. loren 1 says:

    Does anyone really listen to the lib dems lol

  11. Philip Hammond says:

    Conservative tips to win the election!

    May: lets divide the country
    Corbyn: lets unite the country

    May: I am able to brainwash conservatives voters, when I make fake promises and break manifesto pledges
    Corbyn: let's be honest, the public deserve the truth

    May: lets privatise the NHS
    Corbyn: lets protect NHS from the Torres

    May: let's put taxes on the middle and lower class and let the wealthiest negotiate how much tax they should pay!
    Corbyn: a fair and just tax system and taxes you depending on your income

    May: lets blame labour for bankrupting and destroying the economy
    Corbyn: if you are clever enough and know about economics you would have known it want labour fault, it affected the whole world

    May: I dodge the questions at pmq and make corbyn look like an idiot to brainwash my supporters
    Corbyn: I know but I believe that public will begin to trust in me

    May: My supporters believe I got a plan, where I don't have a plan at all
    Corbyn: I know you like dodging the questions

    May: my supporters support me because I lie and able to manipulate the media
    Corbyn: I know what can I do?

    Hammond: I will be leaving the cabinet soon, I support labour they are fair and got decent policies, Mrs May has refused to tell you are commitment to the triple lock, I can tell you there ain't going to be no triple lock. And don't affect the U turn I did on my manifesto pledge so therefore the economy not safe in my hands!

  12. The Super Psycho Killer says:

    Nick Clegg destroyed the Lib Dem party. He is like a sleeper agent.

  13. gespilk says:

    2:36 "…the weakness of Jeremy Corbyn…?"
    Don't talk with you ass about Corbyn!
    Without Corbyn there is no difference between Labour and Conservatives!!!
    The corporate fraction of Labour are disguised Conservatives!!! They want conservatives to win!!!
    UKIP are disguised Conservatives!!!

  14. Torvic says:

    This prick lied to millions of young people in a most disgusting manner at the start of his 'career.' Why the hell is the little shit still even listened to never mind given air time and space??

  15. sid vicious says:

    .A man who,s DNA (and pension) is European …. what a vile Bastard he is! .. He represents the poshest richest part of Sheffield … he is a filthy
    elitist ..He is the reason i voted OUT!!!!!!!!

  16. guled ali says:

    i like nick cleg. at least he is coming up for his people in EU citizens in uk that is what everyone should do if someone abused your mother and wife,s background"

  17. Everything Cool says:


  18. Glen Quinn says:

    cleggy bent over for the torys lib dems can not be trusted thay will not do what the people voted for look at the lib dem lèader one he voted agains what his electred had vote for to leave the german run eu and the signal market and stop all the thieves and muders and rapists cuming in we have our own with out importing more in

  19. royboy115 says:

    the day i listen to a full interview by a career politician who has no idea of the real world will be a very sad day, especially this irritating twat

  20. Lucy Locket says:

    Wouldn't piss on Clegg if he was on fire!

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