Police ride roughshod over Aboriginal protest against closure of communities

The Nyoongar Tent Embassy organised a protest in Perth against closure of WA Aboriginal communities on April 23. Police rode motorcycles and horses through the crowd.

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8 Responses

  1. Jacinto Mausoco says:

    Shame to this European savages who are criminals since they were born. ..no offenceto

  2. Damon Manda says:

    Spot the abo. Why is it the loudest of them are the whitest?

  3. Kaneidare says:

    I got assaulted by a bunch of aboriginal blokes, because they feel they are entitled to this land. I'm of an asian background and my parents came from a wartorn country to be here. I work and pay my taxes and love Australia. The only hateful people are these muppets still requesting handouts after handouts and bashing random people cause they feel its their land. I'm sorry but its time to grow up. We are all trying to survive here. Not just you.

  4. DE FROST says:

    cant wait to see more of these places to close best news ever

  5. Alex Bainbridge says:

    Justice for the first people. Join the next protest on this Friday (May 1) which will be happening all around the world. Google #sosblakaustralia and May 1

  6. chessman19 says:

    This is so shaming the closing of Aboriginal communities, still trying to decimate a culture that we have not been fully exposed to via education, our govt shames its own people with its Fascist decisions, Abbott claims he is the' friend' of indigenous people with friends like him, enemies are kinder. $500 million in cuts over 5 years already our indigenous people  are living way below 3rd world country standards, OH how we love to remember  Anzacs on Anzac day, yet very quickly forget the tragedies the cruel legacies we have perpetrated against Aboriginal people in the form of rape, murder, and taking children away from their families. Shame Australia what is more shameful is our politicians dont care at all.

  7. DE FROST says:

    this is not your land
    this is not your country
    how about have some respect that you lost with your primtive weapons

  8. Teresa van Lieshout says:

    Call it what it is; political-govt genocide, for over 200 years.

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