Revealed: Liverpool’s 2017-18 third kit

Liverpool’s 2017-18 New Balance third kit has been revealed. Go behind-the-scenes from the photoshoot of the Reds’ New Balance strip.
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20 Responses

  1. Oba Segun Oderinde says:

    Wijnaldum would look great in this😉

  2. Philip Jones says:

    What new kit? i cant see it its to dull

  3. Izzy C says:

    Not a hugeeee fan…🤔

  4. br4d 050312 says:

    Soooo shit

  5. Michelle McCabe says:

    its quite nice

  6. Mustafa Ali says:

    Am I the only one who DOESN'T like this kit ?

  7. Daniel Edwards says:

    I don't like it… thank god our home kit looks awesome! #YNWA

  8. Tylott Tekkerz says:


  9. Luke rideout games says:

    That kit was made for vvd.

  10. Fran Men says:

    Will Keita use it?

  11. Jake Bowler says:

    love it

  12. James R. says:

    How can I order a kit with Champions League badges?

  13. LFC Gamer says:

    I'm not too keen with this kit to be honest, prefer the home and away kits myself.

  14. Jack Ft says:

    It's the same as our last season kit but orange

  15. AfterEightShave says:

    not too sure about this one…the other two are sick though!

  16. Kopend says:

    Home kit is Amazing. Away Kit is pretty decent. 3rd kit is ok.

  17. Ameen Dadabhai says:

    Y do we always have the brightest kit

  18. Canon's Fupa says:


  19. A D says:

    Where is our old dress? We had the most beautiful dress in sports history and now we got this black shit

  20. D-ManHD says:

    I actually like it for some reason

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