Richard Spencer Full “End of History” Speech at Lincoln Memorial

National Policy Institute leader Richard Spencer describes the “end of history” in a speech in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

Filmed by Ford Fischer

Please contact Ford Fischer at or call (573) 575-NEWS to license video. Photos and additional footage may be available upon request.

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19 Responses

  1. Cosmic Claire says:

    Spencer gets more good looking each time!

  2. Nicholas Hall says:

    Black security guard in the back like "damn how did I get this assignment lol"

  3. Starcrux says:

    White nationalism: When nazi sympathizers don't have the balls to address themselves as such.

  4. james hurley says:

    U are apposed by the Jews.

  5. Missy missy says:

    Richard Spencer is a modern day hero!

  6. bob smith says:

    diversity for israel now!!!!

  7. ERSBEZ54 says:

    anyone else hear istiklal marsi in the background

  8. Samuel115s says:

    this is terrible. there people are fighting for a racist society that oppresses non-whites and makes everyone radical and divisive. these people are literally cancer. if god is real you are all going to hell.

  9. Marcus Nero Augustus Mosley says:

    Great speech allow us European Americans regain control over nation and destinies we are the majority and the way our country should go is which way the majority decides.

  10. Zee Utuber says:

    That one guy in the back wearing an SA uniform tho

  11. Señor Sabata says:


  12. Cameron Gravely says:


  13. Phoenix Suns says:

    All u alt-right wingers are going to hell anyway.

  14. Couyon Rouge says:

    join the altright

  15. Nico.Number21 says:

    what bunch of cunts…

  16. MagicianCamille says:

    ""Thanks for the applause" was such a Jeb moment

  17. KingOfShadows1500 says:

    Hail Spencer! Hail victory!

  18. moohamheadpissbeuponhim says:

    Such a pretentious philosophical boring nothing cunt. We need a young Jared Taylor.

  19. WĪLD DĪÇTĀTØR says:


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