S4 League Soundtrack – NB Power

S4 League Soundtrack - NB Power

The newest addition to the S4 Soundtrack (at least the English version of the game), NB Power is played on Circle (yeah, the one annoying map XD)

You can download this track and the rest of the S4 League soundtrack (plus more) here: http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=5b811c62de92012dab1eab3e9fa335ca83748251a4124078

Look me up sometime in-game, my name is WolfDemon =)

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20 Responses

  1. Georgy Jojo says:


  2. StromZ Wizzy says:

    Omg 2017 here xD best song ever , nostalgy of old s4 🙁 ALAPLAYA PLEASE

  3. Gardiane Grimlok says:


  4. Mooonyea Monnier says:

    One of the best game ever with amawing origins (panamaman + djax) ruined because of cash and developers who made it an unfair game with unfair player and unfair weapons… 7 years of playing and yes i miss s4…

  5. calprey says:

    Great game, disgusting and putrid publisher. Such a waste.

  6. Florencia Gutierrez says:

    I love this song <3

  7. cover me in pickles and call me Samantha says:

    best song in all of the game

  8. Jonathan Joestar says:

    Oh wow! They actually put DJ Max music in this game, naisu.

  9. yayas406 says:

    the song is awesome… =)

  10. Panda 4 Music :3 J2 says:

    Now u see only "pros" with 2nd account in Rookies Channel…

  11. eliomartos says:

    I used to play it from season 1 to season 2 and then came back to it and there were bunch of unfair weapons and I didn't like it…I miss the swordsonly when the weapons were just bat, sword and cs

  12. madneo87 says:

    That's one of the reasons I quit the game, the soundtrack and gameplay was awesome just the unbalanced nature of the game made it no longer fun to play.

  13. Xexal Seyer says:

    I started early 2009. And regularly played on and off till now, But much less now due to how cheap the new melee weapons are. :/ Look, I know there some people that don't "Mind" Them. But in all honesty, When a monkey, or someone with half a brain can run around Spamming the daggers right click and get tons of kills, It's just unbalanced.

  14. 00the00ultima00 says:

    S4 was @ past 100 ways better… now.. forget it !

  15. TylightDark says:

    Hackers are running out now, it's a lot more fun. :3 The only things that are frustrating are the people who complain.
    Things most complained about:
    Campers (because we should snipe out in the open)

  16. Monkey D.Ruffy says:

    1:32 Best!!!!!

  17. Evil Mastermind says:

    You sir have just failed at map distinction.

  18. DJFlare84 says:

    Really? SpyDagger isn't the one gettin' overused? I always thought it would be that.

    But yeah, I love S4, but it needs better management. Better content. Not just new maps and weapons, some actually GOOD PvE game-modes can make this PERFECT.

  19. SrogaPoziomka says:

    4 years games ago it was the best mmo ever… I havent played since then, because there were too many cheaters and it wasn't funny anymore. 🙁

  20. Luminous_Arc says:

    really a shame there are so mutch hackers :/

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