*SPOILER* Returns! LEAKED Set Photos Breakdown! – The Flash Season 4

*SPOILER* Returns! LEAKED Set Photos Breakdown! – The Flash Season 4. The Flash Godspeed, The Flash 3×23, The Flash 3×23 Ending, The Flash 3×23 Barry, Iris West Death, Savitar Future.

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20 Responses

  1. James Lawrence says:

    Could Cisco make Joe West and the CCPD Lawgivers or Dominators?
    Army of metahumans? "Rapid Fire!"
    King Shark? "Armour Piercing!"
    Time remnant? "Double Whammy!"
    Another armoured target? "HI-EX!"

  2. Optical _VeNomZz says:

    Disliked Unsubbed. why did you spoil it for me


    The B.O.O.T Showed up in the flash Day ep when he got the key to the city

  4. Hoa Le says:

    I have a theory you know in season 1 dr.wells aka Eobard Thawn said that he wasn't born yet well that was because Barry aka the flash hasn't created flash point yet and I think in 2024 the reverse flash will come back In the future and the epic street battle against the flash will occurr and Barry's mother will come back because maybe Barry will save his mom once again but then he fails because the reverse flash
    kills Barry's mother again pls look into this I'm probably wrong pagey pls reply to me if I am wrong or right ok thank and have a great day! 😀

    I also had to watch the show 3 times to get this theory

  5. Renee Watson says:

    if they put wally in barrys suit im done with it , they need to keep him in the yellow PERIOD!!!! that all im saying . Love the video pagey but lame writers of flash are pissing me off

  6. Spriggz says:

    I need a scene of Barry going: "Where's my Supersuit!?"

  7. Spriggz says:

    Huge spoiler is a suit change? Lol that wasn't as dramatic as you were making it seem.

  8. Caiden HD says:

    is joe auditioning for men in black

  9. Amanda Orza says:


  10. weckar says:

    SPOILER returns… except that's not your major spoiler. Clickbait, much?

  11. Callum Rowland AU says:

    Great Video man!

  12. Pierre pennaneac'h says:

    Reason y kid flash wears Barry's suit : fetish

  13. Time -Paradox says:

    I know because I was typing the comment and the moment I hit send you said it was used on atom smasher and all that

  14. Time -Paradox says:

    wasn't the boot in the season 2 used in atom smasher

  15. Jaala Davis says:

    Wally my god get out of the suit, it doesn't suit you and you're not ready to take up that mantle yet. I still need Barry as the flash!

  16. spacemanchriss says:

    I really really hope Barry comes back with the know how to make a suit out of the speed force

  17. Elijah Hester says:

    They use it on the bow that's what savitar said in ep23

  18. zeyphrBW sd says:

    7:13 about damn time.

  19. Force Of Legend says:

    Wally doesn't deserve that suit. he needs to go to Earth 2 with Jessie.

  20. Anthony07a says:

    aw im pissed, if wally actually becomes the flash im gonna be really mad, I know most likely it wont be perm but i just dont like wallys character period.

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