Super Bowl 51 – Greatest Moments of the Game With Chris Berman – super bowl 51

Super Bowl 51 - Greatest Moments of the Game With Chris Berman - super bowl 51

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20 Responses

  1. Where Nesta? says:

    Brady NFL GOAT!

  2. Paul Bonds says:

    Superbowl 51Champions New England Patriots

  3. Kevin Boyer says:

    Seriously, this game has movie potentials right here.

  4. JerseyNo12 says:

    Looking back at that game, the Patriots literally dug into their archives of Super Bowl plays and just pulled out everything they could to beat us. Flea flicker, misdirection plays, direct snap to the RB, you name it, they tried it. It actually took all of their combined experience of all six prior Super Bowl runs, plus OT, to beat us.
    Call this win or loss what you want, but I've never seen the Pats so desperate and pushed to the limit like I have in that game.

  5. Trell says:

    Ref calls and holds and that one turnover GAVE the pats a chance.
    If that ball had not dropped that one time, Falcons OWNED the patriots and were the better team.
    All they had to do was kick two freakin field goals because no one was stopping Julio, freeman, or hooper

  6. Jovan Johnson says:

    gonna miss Boomer…. nobody does highlights like that man. #NFLCommentaryLEGEND

  7. Dustin DuCharme says:


  8. Dennis Deavers says:

    Patriots are just lucky.

  9. Red Raider says:

    People should always want the patriots to be in the superbowl because when is the last time we've had a non patriots Superbowl actually be a close game.

  10. jungleme77 says:

    Did tom brady buy matt ryan dinner that night?

  11. Brian Toler says:

    i keep looking at these SB hightlights for inspiration.

  12. Boondock says:


  13. Dixie Normas says:

    Tom Brady was MVP, but James White was so damn close. The Falcons planned for Blount and shut him down. They didn't know how to handle White. The Patriots wouldn't have won without him. Twice we have been saved by unknowns. Butler + White. Love my team.

  14. Krys Lopez says:

    if you look closly. you can see the guy who took bradys jersey in the crowd. he has a black duffle bag.

  15. bill d says:

    Least talked about big play was Elandon Roberts running Freeman down on the first play after the Pats made it 28-20. Roberts fell down at the 22 and if he doesn't get up and chase Freeman down, I think Freeman scores. Ball game over!!

  16. Braden Lee says:

    go patriots!

  17. Rick W says:

    People who are second guessing the Falcons are doing so with 20/20 Hindsight vision. First play from the 10 is a 40 yard pass to the 49…1st down @ the 50 with 5:43 to go. 2 plays later 3rd and 9… 27 Yard pass play to Julio Jones…1st down on New England's 22 with 4:40 to go…You just moved the ball 70 yards in 1:16. You as a head coach at this point in time are thinking "Time to ice this thing with a touchdown. They can't stop us (P.S. a TD makes it 36-20)." Every Atlanta fan was thinking the exact same thing at this moment in time, and if they say they weren't, they are lying to you, and to themselves. Atlanta didn't LOSE this game… New England WON IT.

    First New England's defense had a big stop to save the game.

    1). Down by 8, Trey Flowers bull rushed his man and sacked to Matt Ryan
    2). 3rd and 23 at the N.E. 45 yard line with 3:50 left Atlanta picks up 8 yards to the New England 27, a good gain (47 FG attempt maybe?) except holding call puts Atlanta back to the 45 again, albeit with another 3rd down attempt.
    3). Atlanta couldn't convert on 3rd down and decides to punt.
    Guess what? Big stop achieved.

    Then Atlanta's defense needed to get a big stop to win the game.
    New England was still down by 8, got the ball back with 3:17 left on their own 9 yard line.

    4). 1st down, Brady to Hogan 14 yard gain to New England 25 yard line. 1st down
    5). With 2:34 left at their own 25 Brady to Malcolm Mitchell 11 Yard gain to the New England 36. 1st Down.
    6). With 2:28 left to go from their own 36, Brady to Edleman, whom had three defenders draped all over him, a gain of 23 yards to the Atlanta 39. This will be forever known as "The Edle-catch." (you had to know at this point that New England was not going to be denied.)
    7). With 2:02 from the Atlanta 39, Brady has ALL DAY to find Danny Amendola at the Atlanta 21 +18 yards.
    8). with 1:57 left from the Atlanta 21 Brady to James White to the Atlanta 8 Yard line. +13 yards.
    9). 1st and goal from the Atlanta 8 yard line with 1:26 left Brady to James White 7 yards to the Atlanta 1…
    10). 1:00 2nd and goal from the 1..James White 1 yard run, New England is still down by 2. They need to convert on a SECOND TWO POINT conversion… Impossible right?
    11). New England scores a second two point conversion with 0:57 left…

    Atlanta melted down in every phase of this game, meanwhile, New England got stronger and stronger throughout the second half…Atlanta didn't lose this game, New England won it. Bill Belichicks Patriots are the best team of the Superbowl Era.

  18. shigsho says:

    Greatest Super Bowl ever. NE's defense came through and Brady was great.

  19. Brian Mock says:

    Prime example why not to sleep on the patriots. Almost won last years divisional against the broncos when it was Denver and Carolina in the Super Bowl. Just by a couple points. They are a comeback team.

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