Tennis Most Unexpected Shots EVER

Tennis Most Unexpected Shots EVER

Some shots you have to watch twice to believe, so thank God for replays! Here they are: the most unexpected shots you are ever likely to see in tennis. Shots from Roger Federer, Goran Ivanisevic, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Dustin Brown, Gael Monfils and many more!

Raz Ols
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20 Responses

  1. Neeka Taki says:

    when i was 5, i went to this kids club in Rarotonga and we were sent to play tennis at the court bur since it was too hard, i went and sat out with this other girl. And then when i was picked up, my uncle said "How was it?" i replied "It was so fun, i won the tennis challenge we had." and everyone believed me so went to celebrate.

  2. Gabriele Maiellaro says:

    4:07 wtf? In effetti nulla ti vieta di battere così!

  3. LazoStudios says:

    I really hate Tomics face in the thumbnail

  4. mustafa kusai says:

    the last one is fucking sick

  5. Chrysi Meow says:

    dat last one..

  6. Crazy Cuber says:

    I call hacks

  7. Daniel Burke says:

    Don't try to smile Nadal….

  8. søren sko says:

    A Bryan bro playing singles 😀 1:45

  9. Avoidance Technologies says:

    All these fast basketball skilling questions when it comes to the alleviations of assisting the profiles of all people including blacks; but, then the commonality it serves with all people to the establishment of and in rapport with = don't wants, I understand this, and -> it having to be repeated like people are locked in to a 3 year olds emotionally intelligence stalemating and check mate discussion of and to the no avails over and over again.

  10. VicenzoV says:

    For every time Kyrgios wins one of these points, he loses 20 and looks like idiot

  11. sebastian zamora zamora yañez says:

    Marcelo ríos

  12. Edward Pattiselano says:

    rios rule!!!

  13. ItalianGamer says:

    0:57 when the only good quality tennis vid on youtube strikes you like a brick

  14. Yi JIANG says:

    1:55 really made me lol

  15. Gherbi Hicham says:

    That front tweener has became the most overrated unecessary shot in tennis history, I hate when it's presented as a hot shot these days it's just too abused and rarely spontaneous.

  16. Steve M says:

    Kyrgios is a sack of shit

  17. Rahul Gopalan says:

    what about that nadal shot against federer at the AO

  18. Primal Instinct says:

    why did Marat pull his shorts down?

  19. Rand U says:

    that last shot was brilliant! i'll have to practice that one!

  20. Tuck Raph says:

    beat that serena

    lol not even top700

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