The 7 Greatest Cars You Can Buy On A Seriously Tight Budget


We love nothing more than cheap cars that offer thrilling performance, sublime handling and huge fun. That’s why we’re looking at the 7 best cars money can buy for £2000 and under…
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“World Map – Abstract Acrylic” by Nicolas Raymond

“2002 Audi TT 1.8t Turbo | blue | 21012950 | Seattle | Bellevue” by KirklandDCJ

“1986 944 Turbo.jpg More details Stock 1986 Porsche 944 Turbo Coupe, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, off of US Highway 1” by Daniel J. Leivick

“1999–2000 Subaru Impreza WRX sedan (GC8G)” by Fir0002
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20 Responses

  1. Jimmy Clarkson says:

    dont listen to chris harris anyway, he is an idiot

  2. Altheya Dbtch says:

    can it run minecraft

  3. OhMyHoodness says:


  4. Exotiv says:

    "what are you waiting for?" I'm waiting for my license

  5. IceKing says:

    sure, buy a used sporty car as your first if you are low on money. Im sure the previous owner(s) didnt abused its engine throughout that 300.000kms…

  6. Joseph Weber says:

    i want a blobeye impreza

  7. bilbo swaggins says:

    "budget" anything over 1000$ isnt "budget".

  8. Yellow Waffle says:

    After one year you can't get these cars under 2k unless you wanna buy a busted car that doesen't run

  9. evan mcdaniels says:

    bmws are shit. Audi's are shit. alfas…. I'm in america. no type r is 2000 unless its totaled

  10. Bastiaan Oskam says:

    pre 96 ( chain driven ) Renault Twingo..

  11. Tiago says:

    Lol, in Portugal I paid almost 3k for my 2002 1.2 16v Clio and it was "cheap" for a Clio here. I want cheap cars too!!

  12. Soundofsilence32 says:

    the only car I can buy in my country with 2000€ is a fucked up trash Peugeot 106… xD

    All cars in this video are above 5k…

  13. Adam Kontopanos says:

    EW WTF DUDE A MAZDA MX-5??OMG!!!I would never buy it…sees pop-up headlights OH MY LORD BEST CAR! xD

  14. Mernerner says:


  15. travis meadows says:

    So what happened to the American version of this?

  16. MaTTEQ says:

    Where is saab?

  17. Wayne Covell says:

    And this is why I just bought a 1.8T Audi TT for £2k

  18. DKGaming4Life says:

    This video should be named "The 7 Greatest Cars You Can Buy On A Seriously Tight Budget (UK ONLY)"

  19. DKGaming4Life says:

    AUDI TT 1900 pounds ???? hmmmm thats 16.000 danish crowns…..the cheapest i could find was 79.900 Danish Crowns = 9350 pounds……FFS AND IT IS LIKE THIS FOR ALL THE FUCKIN CARSSSSS

  20. Stefan Racoviceanu says:

    My dad have a 2014 Renault Laguna 3 what cost 12.000 € is that an decent car or an cheap car? P.S It goes 0-100km/h in like 5.6 sec

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