The Conservative Lorax

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As seen on Fox Seuss.

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20 Responses

  1. Camoking says:

    wow lol you rhymed and everything great job

  2. Maximus9000 btw HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY says:

    liberal propaganda

  3. Alookks says:

    ((ch is stereotyping conservatives))

    ((((they are cunts))))

  4. I'm Stupid says:

    Being conservative is good though.



  6. Robert Bourbon says:

    Isn't it just so fun watching these easily butthurt commenters trying to pick apart this comedy video for its political implications, when its main point was to make people laugh?

  7. DewElr1 says:

    Definition of Pre-Trumps' America

  8. Robert Burgess says:

    that moment when more oxygen is from algae and not trees

  9. Fürst Official says:

    Have you ever even read Atlas Shrugged? I don't agree with most of Ayn Rand's philosophy but I think the book can be very motivational. I feel like most liberals online that talk about Atlas Shrugged merely read the Wikipedia article on Objectivism or something. It won't turn you into a conservative libertarian moron unless you have no critical thinking skills what so ever.

  10. MultiDontmesswithme says:

    How bad can I be?
    THIS BAD!!!

  11. Potato Stud says:

    That lorax is a ass

  12. Zeby Aj says:


  13. vikatchu says:

    Y O U G R E E D Y D I R T B A G

  14. Andrew Kerr says:

    1 like = 10 capitalist companies saved

  15. Big Buff Guy says:

    ahhh sniggledesneeze was my year!

  16. Anna Guild says:

    Why are conservatives so greedy? Why can't we leave spots of nature for future generations to enjoy? Why do humans have to keep destroying the earth?

  17. Lucas Dillon says:

    Can the right understand a decent joke?

  18. Artesion says:

    lorax is trump?

  19. Kostadin Radojevic Radojevic says:

    why is the lorax like mr.Trump

  20. God of Evil says:

    Finally the lorax story from my P.O.V!!!

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