UFC Fight Night Glasgow: Post-fight Press Conference

Watch the UFC Fight Night Glasgow post-fight press conference live following the event.

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20 Responses

  1. Tiramisu #1P4PGOAT says:

    It was only a matter of time before he got caught fighting in that silly fucking stance…

  2. Jason Hickey says:

    They gotta stop calling UK Ireland!

  3. Last Comment says:

    I dont get the Nelson hype, the guy is an average fighter with a fucking boring persona, the next for him is to stay irrelevant and fade out slowly like the rest of his type

  4. swiperboy sb says:

    mr. tapout surrounds himself with bumsssss

  5. Patrickod says:

    Worst refereeing I've seen in a long time … the eye pokes were obvious as f**k!

  6. Josh K says:

    Paul Felder vs Kevin Lee….

  7. Josh K says:

    Paul Felder vs Kevin Lee….

  8. z zz says:

    best UFC card ever. That crazy bitch Jojo must be cut immediately and Nelson? No disrespect but that guy acts like the biggest douche and after the fight started and i saw those fag mc chicken stands you knew whats going to happen. All fighters are going to get exposed. All gunnar has is his ju jitsu and goodbye. McChicken would have already been exposed if ufc doesnt give him the easiest opponents on the right time… and those vikind shouts? who are you kidding? in 20years youre going to shout some muslim bllsht. UK…. SAD SAD SAD… get back to drink some beer

  9. epicshot says:

    Bro got his ass beat

  10. Daddy Dana says:

    i think gunnar should cut to 154, too many dudes cutting alot of weight to make welter, apparently gunnar cut nothing at all

  11. bird flew says:

    the way dan hardy calls fights is a fucking disgrace to the sport, am i
    the only one who who hears his bias towards European fighters?

  12. storastalandiheimi says:

    Rematch, Gunni vs Ponz..

  13. Jenny Arneiro says:

    Oi galera vim aqui pedir a ajuda de vcs estou na final de um concurso de música gospel onde o vencedor ganhará a gravação de um cd em um studio no Rj!!! Só que pra isso preciso da ajuda de vcs! Estou pertinho de realizar esse sonho e se vc tivesse a chance de ajudar alguém a realizar um sonho vc o faria? tenho certeza que sim! Então peço sua ajuda acessando o link abaixo e votando Jenny! pode votar qtas vezes quiser! Deus abençoe!!

  14. Rick Deckard says:

    Win or lose SBG always faces the media like men.

  15. Killian Landji says:

    Terrible night for SBG and The hometown fighters. .

  16. Ste Dunn says:

    Not a single scottish fighter won.. that's shameful, it's worrying that scotland have no decent fighters, stevie ray was there best hope, but really they have less fighters than Wales, in boxing and mma, while wales has a smaller population and by almost half

  17. Mike Goldberg says:

    Gunnar was insufficient with his energy.

  18. The Angkor Watt says:

    The Earth is Flat, accept the truth.

  19. Computer Simulated Atomic Coded Reality says:

    connors lil bitch got beat, eat shit dana.

  20. Mitchell Acton says:

    "Obviously not the result you wanted" – The only thing anyone says to someone who just lost

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