UNDISPUTED – Dallas Cowboys Facing Suspensions, Dak Accused Of Using AutoPen

UNDISPUTED – Dallas Cowboys Facing Suspensions, Dak Accused Of Using AutoPen
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19 Responses

  1. nellspop1 says:

    i can't watch or listen to this d,bag
    i have stopped watching this show because they insist on bringing this asshole on just to stir things up.

    and i bet he will find a way to blame the patriots for the troubles in Dallas.

  2. roger padman says:

    Looks like zeke is going to be suspended 😂😂😂 like I said earlier you guys aren't going to be as good as you guys think this year

  3. paul brown says:

    Fact! can't do anything! when the whole league against you! trying their best to cause confusion with teammates! I say remove the politics and bs not basketball shirts! Leave this team alone and let's see what they can do! Dallas Cowboys worth 4billion! People who are no one's such as the morning staff who shows they are biases towards Dallas and get famous off talking about the Cowboys what gives? I am amazed, how certain players are sold out by the NFL ( not for long) League! Some players only want to be rich keep the fame! because, you must sell your soul for that!

  4. Untouchable Style says:

    This guy said the National Felony Lead!!! 😮

  5. Untouchable Style says:

    It's crazy as heck!!!!

  6. Huffnutz17 says:

    How does Shannon Sharpe continually get TV jobs? His speech impediment and ignorance is insulting and hard to watch.

  7. Samir Whitaker says:

    Like wtf is wrong with these football players sometimes

  8. James St. Aubin says:

    no one will carr after giants wash em up this year anyways

  9. Rasheed Laguerre says:

    NFL = Niggas Forgetting Laws

  10. Mikey Hope says:

    Yet these cowboys fans think they are winning the Super Bowl lol 😂

  11. ddland45 says:

    Sorry, Joseph Harris, the nickname is taken and well earned over a lot longer period of time than the time the Patriots have been dominant. I don't know any Patriot fans where I live, so how can they be "America's Team"?
    There are Cowboys fans from coast-to-coast. People talk about the Cowboys all year round, even if they can't stand them, they still have to talk about them. The Cowboys are the #1 sports franchise in THE WORLD (Forbes), ahead of even soccer teams like Real Madrid. Jerry Jones is miles ahead of the Patriot's owner in terms of popularity and name recognition and I can name dozens of famous Dallas Cowboys players. Off the top of my head, I only know a handful of Patriots.
     Taken as a whole The Dallas Cowboys have been a top shelf team over decades from the sixties to the 2010's and are on the verge of once again becoming one of the best teams in the league. The Patriots have only been good since the 2000's and have been the beneficiaries of some seriously dubious turns of luck (The 'Tuck' game, 'Spygate') to build their 'dynasty' on.
    Both teams have won 5 Super Bowls, but the Cowboys have won theirs over a longer period of time, meaning their greatness goes beyond just one era or group of players. The Steelers of the 70's won 4 Super Bowls due to ONE group of Hall of Fame players. The Patriots have won their 5 rings basically because of Tom Brady and Bill Belicheck. Where were they before Brady and Belicheck arrived?
    Granted Brady and Belicheck will go down as one of the greatest QB-Coach tandems in the history of the NFL, but Dallas already has two of the greatest QB-Coach tandems in the history of the NFL (LANDRY-STAUBACH, JOHNSON-AIKMAN).

    The Patriots, AMERICA'S TEAM? Please….

  12. Alan Acosta says:

    The boys looking bad defensively but its been like that for a while. Im not worried we're going to make the playoffs for sure.

  13. Ric Henriquez says:

    4 Defensive players arrested already this year and Elliot basically molesting a woman in public at a St Patrick's Day parade…yeah, this is certainly "America's Team"…idiots…SMDH.

  14. Vince Gonzalez says:

    what I want to know, is rob parker a "cornball brotha?" I mean seriously, is he a "cornball brotha?"  He’s kind of black, but he’s not really the guy I’d really want to hang out with tbh.

  15. Joe Bitetti says:

    HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS…… get off bradys dik if he was on any other team he would be trash he is great cause of the system… America's TEAM had Dandy don Meridith Roger Staubach(captain America) Danny White(3 strait NFC championship appearances) Troy Aikman (3 superbowls in 4 yrs) Tony Romo (love him or hate em he is gonna b in HOF hold all passin records o and is behind only aaron rogers n russ wilson for total career QBR. and he was the most exciting player to watch we always had a chance with tony snubed for 2014 nfl MVP cuz green bay payed the refs to say dez didnt catch the damn ball if we won that game we woulda won the superbowl. and tony whole career he never had an o-line till the last 3 yrs. and he never had a complete team around him tony carried him team brady never carried his. o and now Dak Prescott best rookie season by any Qb ever including brady go look at the stats u damn hater n let me see out of all them qbs how many r HOF n future HOF'ers you pats only had Bledsoe romo took his job lol n now Brady who gotta cheat to win my man threw his phone n broke it so he didn't get caught he is a good Qb but also a fraud who wouldn't be the same player on another team……… SO COWBOY NATION WHO STANDS BEHIND MY STATEMENT…. WHO KNOWS THAT EVERYBODY WANTS TO B AMERICA'S TEAM BUT THERE IS ONLY 1 AND WHO THE HELL IS IT?????????!!!! telll mee everybody????!!!!

  16. KIBBLE PUFF says:

    honestly I think Damien Wilson played well for that short amount of period he played

  17. Kyle Bryson says:

    So who is the Dallas Cowboy's potential starting cornerbacks and safeties for week one?

  18. mksrookies says:

    Dallas goes 9-7 if they are lucky

  19. j.c.m hard core metal fan says:

    they are America's team cuz no matter where you go.there will be cowboys fans.or the most hated, either way they are talked about everywhere good or bad.cowboys have been n always will be America's team

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