Volcano Bay Opening Day

Volcano Bay Opening Day

Fox 35 WOFL gets an inside look just hours before Universal Orlando Resort’s Volcano Bay opens!

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7 Responses

  1. Aidan cruz says:

    I just watch a volcano bay commercial

  2. Daniel Baar says:

    Poor reporting. First off, the waits have been closer to 2-4 hours, not 20 minutes. Second, when your return time does come, you still have to wait in line with all the other riders, as much as 45 minutes.

  3. john Baldock says:

    Nobody does Entertainment like the Americans!!!!

  4. Maria Barbosa says:

    im going

  5. Little Mr a says:

    When I go in July it's good because I have a apartment next to it

  6. Melicia says:

    so big isnt disnweys magic band this look like a watch

  7. Coaster Channel 1000 says:

    Can't wait!!!

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