Women file Class Action Lawsuit against WEN hair products

Celebrity-endorsed WEN haircare products came under fire when hundreds of women across the U.S. filed suit against the line alleging it made their hair fall out in clumps and caused thinning.
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  1. mirilaws says:

    My 10 year old's hair fell out on contact – check out our videos and share! We are going back to Capitol Hill to advocate for Cosmetic safety laws

  2. Wendy Ferraro says:

    I have been using the WEN products faithfully for 3 years without any issues and it has helped my dry hair to no end. Now that my hair has been dyed silver l use purple shampoo once a week, but even though I only put the purple stuff on my hair without rubbing and let it sit, it comes out dry and tangled to where it takes 10 minutes to comb out! It did the same thing when I used it as a simple shampoo for only 2 minutes. So now I have to use conditioner with it as it sits and then use Re-Moist and deep condition it and it comes right back. WEN has even helped me with getting rid of the purple stuff and keeping the color. Soon, if as the post down a few says a preservative in the product causes allergic reactions….well..I am glad I don't have that allergy!

  3. Kiki Green says:

    first time i used wen my hair looked amazing

  4. Mary Mashburn says:

    this has nothing to do with a Job you idiot. I'm a high paid attorney!!

  5. Donna V says:

    I think it is a reaction to the preservative which it is a known allergen. Especially when you use the large volume as is required according to the directions.

  6. JUZZY BOXX says:

    I got a letter from them today saying that I may be able to receive compensation for my troubles

  7. Stephanie Lorentzen says:

    I've been using Wen for 6 years and it saved my hair. Regular shampoo and conditioner ruined it and it was a mess and falling out before I started using Wen. I loose less hair when u wash with Wen and my hair is shiny and healthy. I have naturally curly hair and the Fig works amazingly on my hair. People should read the labels and know what they are allergic to before using products. Everything is there on his website. Also, why would anyone let their hair fall out for 10 months and still use the same product? Maybe you are allergic and it's not for you? Thank you Chaz Dean for making a wonderful product. Don't listen to the haters. God bless you! 🙂

  8. Lindsay Miller says:

    Been using it for years, never had a problem. If anything it made my hair 100x better

  9. gui goity says:

    I knew it was some mess. if it's on them infomercials and celebrities are endorsing it leave it alone.

  10. Jean Keats says:

    Some women should get a J O B! and stop trying to get rich quick from someone else's hard work. WEN CANNOT make you hair fall out or cause damage. There is nothing in Wen to hurt or harm, it's just what's found in nature. Let me tell you! Strangers run up to me and tell me my hair is gorgeous. Hey, if all you "people" want to hate well, then I don't have to run to order worrying it will sell out quickly which it usually does..

  11. mirilaws says:

    How is it possible that this product is "so gentle", "natural", "no harsh chemicals", and they say "you can't use too much, you want to use more, not less" but you say hundreds of thousands of people are losing their hair from it because they are using it wrong? Sorry, I don't get it! My daughter's hair slipped off her head on contact with this product. It is toxic.

  12. Ada Encarnacion says:

    They're probably using it wrong or that product is not for them there is alot of products out there that is going to make your hair fall and thinning your hair just got to look for that product like I did! vo5 was making my hair fall out in clumps and thinning my hair until I stopped and lookes for something else that works for me! And it did! and Im happy with it!

  13. Bobby's World says:

    wen is a piece of shit company

  14. Obama Binladen says:

    if you want your hair to grow and not fall out visit zx42solutions.com

  15. lejuene robinson says:


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