Barn Finds & Classic Car Lot Walkaround For Sale

Barn Finds & Classic Car Lot Walkaround For Sale

Classic Cars, Barn Finds at my Montana Location. Lots of Trans Am’s, Cadillacs and Mercedes.

0:13 Start walkaround
0:27 79 Pontiac Trans Am SE
0:56 71 Oldsmobile Delta 88
1:39 Parts Cadillac
1:55 65 Mercedes 220SE
2:47 78 Mercury Grand Marquis Wagon
3:21 79 Pontiac Firebird
3:33 76 Pontiac Trans Am
4:03 73 Pontiac Firebird
4:42 79 Pontiac Firebird Oval Track Car
5:09 76 Pontiac Firebird Formula
5:31 65 Buick Sport Wagon
6:20 76 Pontiac Trans Am 50th Anniversary Edition
6:54 63 Pontiac LeMans Convertible
7:38 79 Pontiac Trans Am
8:40 72 Plymouth Duster
9:23 59 Mercedes Benz 219
9:52 72 Mercedes Benz 220D
11:08 70 Pontiac Firebird
12:20 77 Pontiac Trans Am Red
13:06 81 Pontiac Trans Am Turbo
14:11 78 Chevy Shortbed Truck
15:18 81 Cadillac Seville Slantback
15:47 Oldsmobile W30
16:38 65 Ford Galaxy
17:12 81 Dodge Stepside
18:08 Pontiac Firdbird Redbird
18:29 74 Pontiac FIrebird
18:35 65 Cadillac Deville Parts Car
19:12 75 Lincoln Town Car
19:53 77 Pontiac Trans Am
20:36 74 Pontiac Trans Am
20:39 73 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible
20:52 78 Pontiac Tans Am SE Gold
21:19 91 Chevy Caprice
21:35 79 Pontiac Trans Am
21:40 79 Pontiac Firebird
21:57 79 Pontiac Trans Am
22:21 73 Pontiac Firebird
22:39 93 Chevy Corvette
22:50 93 Ford F150 Flareside

I had to get a quick walkaround video of my Montana lot before I left, I still have a lot of cool cars up here. If you see one you like give me a call and lets make a deal.
We can also help with the shipping. We work with a lot of brokers and drivers. We transport cars all over the world and will be happy to help you with the transport of your new vehicle.
Lots of new videos coming up and make sure and check out all my channels for new videos added daily.

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20 Responses

  1. grucu says:

    No offense, because I like your films, but is anyone there who bought any of this junk cars from you?

  2. littleaub says:

    ok i think your stuck with them lol

  3. Sammantha lee says:

    nate hugsssssssssssssssss and thank for these great videos u do hugssss and happy xmas in advance !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Brooks Rountree says:

    Mostly junk

  5. Unkown raids says:

    which car is the cheapest

  6. rompn4x says:

    The Firebirds definitely have value, but stuff like that old Benz and mid 80's Cadillac are worth more in scrap. Id also say don't hold your breath on the wagon either.

  7. Noah10n Reynolds says:

    is the dodge for sale

  8. Noah10n Reynolds says:

    is the dodge for sale❔

  9. Samuel J. says:

    What is address of this lot?

  10. Lliam Kacinski says:

    where is this at??

  11. Captain FALKEN says:

    Fantastic video. Loved them all. btw yellow bird at 8:30 has 78 front on it. Some people like to do that. I don't blame'em. the one I'm buying is an '81, thank goodness lucky year. I love the shape of them. The one I'm getting looks like some kinda dark primer grey or whatever, runs and drives and for original interior, it's pretty good, just needs new seats. Wheel and dash are fantastic. Driver's front panel is dented, rust on the skirts thank goodness not on the fenders. and rust underneath the car. Used to be a guy's daily. I make plenty of money so my first real car will need lots of time into it. (first car black 95 bmw 325 tan leather smelled good great shape fun zoom car, traded for a 2000 cherokee in fantastic shape, no interior rips, has a lift so it was a little wobbly. Then today I sold it to my stepdad for 50 bucks…literally. Cuz I'll still be riding in it anyway haha. Oct 4,16 I'll be buying the bird for 2.9k . Time is just gonna have to go by lol. Awesome video, man thanks for sharing!!!

  12. Richard Perez says:

    i need parts of the cadillac

  13. nts 323 says:

    I want that duster

  14. ted marshall says:

    What a salesman! Great cars that need a little work but nothing a few turns of a screwdriver won't fix. Solid as a trash can! lol

  15. jerry says:

    this guy doesn't know anything about brands or models. They're all just "cars" to him.

  16. Falk Sprenger says:

    a pity that so must end wonderful car so!

  17. Tim Ford Falcon XF says:

    Love the vids bro :]

  18. oh damn its that guy says:

    Man you really need a mic you can clip to your jacket, that wind noise is a killer.yes, all are nice cars.

  19. sirmugman says:

    3:09 loving the big old wagon looks neat in the red and with the bear paw prints and the thingy on the front

  20. Die fucker Die says:

    This dude is a hoarder

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