Berserk Games 1999 – 2017: A Short Comparison

Berserk Games 1999 – 2017: A Short Comparison – A short compilation of the three published Berserk games for from 1999 to 2017.

The games are:
Sword of the Berserk: Gut’s Rage 1999
Berserk: Falcon of the Millenium Empire 2004
Berserk and the Band of the Hawk 2016/2017
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20 Responses

  1. Evandro Pacifico says:

    Berserk for Dreamcast the best!

  2. cristian david says:

    this one looks better than the anime

  3. Edward The Demonslayer says:

    guts rage was so ahead of its time

  4. Human. ರʖರ says:

    I'm getting the slaughter house vibe from this, they should have made the 2016/2017 version better.

  5. TheCalorieKing says:

    You know it's bad when the video game looks better than the Anime. 😛

  6. kenshir1234 says:

    1999 rules ! I known Berserk from the Dreamcast not the anime ^^

  7. space villain says:

    How come the new berserk game never got any publicity ??

  8. dubem odum says:


  9. Eddy Jaber says:

    Mûso is cancer.

  10. DarkExorcist says:

    Better animation than Berserk 2016

  11. kagetsuki23 says:

    2:00 is how the anime should have looked.

  12. Matthew VanGraff says:


  13. Malcolm Joseph Salvador says:

    give the IP to fromsoftware. They'll show you how to make a respectable berserk

  14. Chris Torres says:

    Why does the ps2 version look better than the show that came out in 2017

  15. Dear Channel says:

    I hope they make new beserk game with similliar system to dark soul lol

  16. Fernando Amorim says:


  17. Cornelius Johnson says:

    We need fromsoftware to make a berserk game

  18. ridonedo says:

    all those good games just to become dynasty warriors..

  19. J Stark says:

    still better graphics then the new series

  20. Smack Zack says:

    and they all still look better than the 2017 anime.

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