Bruno Mars Full Performance Prince Tribute at 2017 Grammys – Best of the night

Bruno Mars Full Performance Prince Tribute at 2017 Grammys – Best of the night
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19 Responses

  1. habitatgc says:

    fat ass can't even play the notes right. not even playing the solo. didn't even arrange it differently at all. fuckin pussy fat ass Mars.

  2. nrodry76 says:

    Prince himself would have been proud if he was there!!

  3. Boxah says:

    Bruno/band here the ONLY tribute worth it's weight, – otherwise I wish they would leave him alone, his voice, his music/lyrics: children cannot be duplicated by auto tune bot singers, the attempts
    are insulting. Listen to Prince, this his all day every day, " people to be entertained, no, people to be able to escape into another place and time, by his sound, his words, this mission
    isn't closed, it's forever alive, as he is in " his music" he created for Us, not them. them who killed him.

  4. Rohan Padiyar says:

    I guess Prince is smiling down on Bruno. I recently went on a cruise to Mexico. There was karaoke on the the ship and I kicked it off with "Let's Go Crazy". The guests on the ship were amazed by my singing. I bet even Prince is smiling down on me, too!

  5. Juliana Aguilar says:

    That's why Bruno mars is the Next prince

  6. whatiwasgoingtosay says:

    I had no idea Bruno could shred like that, on top of everything else.

  7. Todd Maek says:

    I fucks with Bruno Mars, I believe he may very well be the best performer of our time, HOWEVER!,,, I would rank this as the SECOND best Tribute to prince I have seen, following Sheila E's on the BET awards 2016!!!!!

  8. Alfredo Vázquez reyes says:

    The final is so stupid

  9. James S says:


  10. yadira urieta says:

    that performance was awesome and also saw Twenty One Pilots there

  11. Michelle Petit says:

    This legit made me happy.

  12. Juliette MacDonald says:

    You ILLUMINATI PUPPETS can channel demons, etc…but how dare you try to claim you are channelling the spirit OF PRINCE "THE LEGEND"???
    Wanna do something productive?
    A few of you secretly donate a few million towards finding his killers…or anonymously tip off cops!!!

  13. Tori Ellis says:

    i 💕 you bruno mars

  14. Mariana says:

    I think I'm pregnant

  15. Sharice Harvey says:

    By far the best performance of the night.

  16. x l says:

    nailed it again bruno

  17. ps4 fosho says:

    He's a Baaaaad Man!!! 🙂 🙂

  18. Daria Nosdrahcir says:

    A young great artist paying tribute to an even greater artist. Doesn't get any better than this.

  19. Model Tee. Nash says:

    Booooooo" prince hate people doing his music!

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