Chelsea 1-1 Bayern Munich 2012 Champions League Final All Goals & Extended Highlight HD/720P

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Chelsea 1-1 Bayern Munich 2012 Champions League Final

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20 Responses

  1. Dd Do says:

    Do Do

  2. Archbishop Of Banterbury says:

    I still get goosebumps when Martin Tyler shouts he's done it when drogba scores his penalty

  3. Gaming Pegu says:

    How did we win at the Allianz arena it's Bayerns ground we beat em proud to be a blue!

  4. 물만난파이리 says:

    코메스 똥 오지게 싸네

  5. RAJ MEWADA says:

    champions league finals are always AWESOME

  6. CitKuunKoh GranPumaDorado says:

    Soy aficionado al Liverpool, pero este campeonato del chelsea es muy especial para mi familia.

  7. 김룡 says:


  8. Hollow484 says:

    great match on the edge of my seat throughout but can't help but feel Gomez should have put away so many chances amongst other players too but Cech played absolutely amazing as all throughout the semi's too.

  9. Dirk Gently says:

    I was in Munich that day. Bayern "fans" fucking everywhere driving around in open-top convertibles, blasting their horns, every last one of them already wearing their champions league winners T-shirts. Don't say it didn't happen because we saw you, the great unwashed. This was at 10 AM in the freaking morning FFS! For the unlearned, of course, the game had already been won before a ball had been kicked. The uneducated masses were utterly convinced of victory. It was a foregone conclusion, indeed a mere formality, a coronation. However, well, frankly, Chelsea. We were having none of your sh1te. Cometh the hour, cometh the Chels. Lest ye should forget where the game comes from. Lest ye should ever forget who owns you. Expect us. #Brexit #alwaysinchelsshadows #whetheryouemotherfuckinglikeitornot

  10. BaKuPe says:

    Drogba Čech best players

  11. Madz Hitmarkered says:

    even neuer has more goals against chelsea than messi

  12. geoff N says:

    This wasn't the only time Bayern have thrown away a final in the last few minutes. Missed penalty too, and losing the penalty shoot-out. Chokers.

  13. 장민아 says:

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    현재 150명가량 픽 받으면서 매일매일 수익 내고있는중

    이모든게 무료 ! 스포츠 정보공유 메이저 단ㅌ방
    와보시면 압니다!!

  14. Madz Hitmarkered says:

    what would chelsea be without cech

  15. yujirorasy rush says:

    that goal from Muller still baffles me.he head the ball to the ground and the ball bounce back just above cech. usually ppl just heading it straight to the goal. its like he is playing pool/snooker or something like that.

  16. Greg S63000 says:

    I'm a city fan but during that game I was a Chelsea fan. They should've won it 3 years earlier.

  17. Daskas Weelcherkas says:

    Shit Chelsi 👎

  18. Anthony Lopez says:

    What a match when i watched the drogba goal that day i was screaming so hard that the neighbors were saying shut up 😂😂😂😂 obviously i didnt cared

  19. Stones CoBble says:


  20. Fardiniho says:

    super Mario Gomez is shit 😂😂😂

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