Committee looking hard at Brexit

Under the Chair of Sir William Cash(C:) the Committee of Exiting the European Union questioned Sir Timothy Barrow (Britain’s Ambassador to the EU) and and the Minister of State, David Jones. Questions came (among others) from Jacob Rees-Moog (c.) and Kate Green (Lab.)

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4 Responses

  1. Mad Drivers101 says:

    we need to get out of EU now

  2. LG G3 says:

    Why do people compare Brexit to a divorce? There's no alimony, maintenance, kids etc.

    Brexit is simply a de-merger, it happens in businesses all the time!

    There is a simple formula to resolve this.

    You work out how much money the UK put in compared to the other countries and this becomes their share in the partnership. You then calculate the total assets and liabilities of the EU and the UK get it's share of these according to their share in the partnership.

    I suspect we will find that the EU owes the UK a huge amount of money as one would expect. It costs to buy into a partnership/merger and you get back your share when exiting.

    The only comparison the UK and EU have to a marriage, is that the EU has been screwing us and cheating on us all these years!

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