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LONDON — The British electorate voted on Thursday in a nailbiter ballot that saw that no party walk away with the 326-seat majority.

The result is a hung parliament, BBC News reported. A party needs at least 326 seats from 650 to govern with a majority.

According to British government information, a hung parliament occurs when no party wins a majority of the seats available in the House of Commons, which is the lower house of the country’s parliament.

A hung parliament gives rise to a scenario where the party with the most seats may not be able to pass legislation.

In such a scenario, a coalition government may be formed. This is an alliance negotiated between two or more parties to achieve the 326-seat majority.
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19 Responses

  1. Theknowabout says:

    The only thing i understood from this video is that Theresa may will be cast as lead actor in next Iron Man Movie.

  2. Brian Fraser says:

    So let's sum up the Election in a nutshell.

    So the Conservatives won…but lost …Labour lost ….but won….the SNP won and lost in Scotland but still won and the conservatives won in Scotland but lost.. .
    The government was Tory but now can't be even tho it is still and they need to make some Irish chaps Tory so they can be in charge even tho they were and still are…
    UKIP lost but because of Brexit they already won …The independents won but didn't win because they don't have a party, so they lost but are now MP's so they won …
    The winner ( May ) is being told to resign because she didn't win and she won't because she won even tho she lost…
    Easy 😀

  3. Frog man Luke says:

    Vile parasites!

  4. Andrew Thomas says:

    The democratic revolution continues. People appear to be rebelling against an economic and political system that increasingly serves the few. Yet such revolutions are nothing new. We had the overthrow of the Tsar at the end of WWI, and the French revolution during the 1790s. Hopefully, our democratic system will deliver a less bloody rebellion, although part of me wouldn't mind seeing a few overpaid global corporation CEOs hung high. Parasites.

  5. Random Account says:

    this gives me a headache

  6. Kingsfan76 says:

    Choke on cock Corbyn! Fuck Socialism and fuck all you lazy punk ass loser pussies who vote for Socialism. You idiots are a heartbeat away from throwing your whole country into the sewer! Good luck with Islam and your terror attacks and all the fake ass promises that Socialism sells you hahaha idiots!

  7. Gray Rook says:

    good reporting very to the point.

  8. stoufer2000 says:

    These video's are pretty good, well done and thanks

  9. YorkGod1 says:

    we need another election!!!!

  10. Mitchell says:

    Politcs….. people should vote based on what THEY believe is right. Not what their party leaders tell them.

  11. Alex Smith says:

    I wanted to understand the results of a hung parliament. After watching this video I'm even more confused…?

  12. mary jane says:

    this channel is cancer

  13. Michael Herbrand says:

    At least, she's sexy af. 😂😂😂

  14. Sevheart says:

    Tories always winning I bet they do some fake votes to make sure they win.

  15. PaJeezy says:

    In New Zealand, we see it as a flaw in the electoral system when more than 50% of parliament is one party, and we have refurrendums to see how to change it.

  16. Jake S says:

    wtf even is this video

  17. America First says:

    This is a lie.Its not going to be a hung parliament.

  18. dark phanthom says:

    no one gives a damn about the uk anymore 😆 .

  19. Nandos 2.0 says:

    You know who's awesome?

    Read the first word

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