Lionel Messi – The Lion | The Movie Couple Reacts!!

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20 Responses

  1. Harees krishna says:

    Advice, when watching he video you guy have to listen. By the look of this video I don't think you understood very much. Im all for reacting but some of them are pointless when there are more important stuff said on the video

  2. Peter Basem says:

    you kept talking in the very best parts of the video .. you missed a lot

  3. Cesar Porras says:

    These guy can't shut the fuck up

  4. Esayas Cohn says:

    Is it just me or do these people need to shut up sometimes because they are really missing key details and making it hard for me to hear which is annoying

  5. D stroker noob says:

    constantly talking over the important parts the worst reaction ever. She's just constantly repeating herself it's getting irritating I came here to watch a reaction and she's just fucked up the video the dudes way better

  6. Mrfunk 100 says:

    I can't watch this it's really bad the only reason I've watched it all cos of them big juicy titties

  7. Christian - says:

    Deja de tocarlo flaca.. no se si darle a la muñeca o ver el video A+++

  8. Adrain Shakya says:

    If I ever find you blabbering your fucking mouth again while watching videos I swear to god I'll fly out where ever you are and put a fucking bandage all over your mouth..

  9. Adrain Shakya says:

    Please somebody put a dick in her mouth and make her shut up! !

  10. Chad Sproule says:

    I hate listening to people that react to things they clearly don't know anything about

  11. Abhishek Mishra says:

    talking of lion the cat also came in the video

  12. takerionut says:

    Just shut the fuck up while watching the video!! It's so annoying, that you're watching a superb video and keep fucking talk and you're not hearing the narration. I was so excited to watch your reaction, and all I see you guys talking about previous videos.

  13. Sarvesh Pol says:

    You guys keep talking. Keep a section of chat later. First enjoy the damn video !

  14. sanjok tamang says:

    Shut the fuck off when watching video.

  15. Mateja Sakač says:

    What ever madrid fans said ..messi is the best ever

  16. Abhishek Ranjan says:

    Messi is a part of my life.
    he is a miracle from god or maybe god himself.
    G.O.A.T <3

  17. AlphaWolf- Gaming says:


  18. Alpha Wolf says:


  19. Mustafa Maker says:

    cat reacts to Carlos poyul

  20. collins rutenge says:

    React to Neymar jr hard way please

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