Sea Dogs’ Chabot one of best players not playing in NHL

Sea Dogs’ Chabot one of best players not playing in NHL

Thomas Chabot joins the MasterCard Memorial Cup panel to talk about being considered the best player not playing in the NHL and much more.
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  1. Erik Karlsson Flow says:

    Lets call him up for game 7 for the power play

  2. mrvonfukustein says:

    the four best teams in the CHL are all in the OHL's western conference.

  3. PETE HELLINAS says:

    He is such a good playesr

  4. Maestro says:

    im the best playesr

  5. brendan1932 says:

    best player not in the nhl? I would say Kovalchuck is much much better

  6. Joe Danger says:

    I'd still take McAvoy over him any day of the week.

  7. Hare Bauer Brahs says:

    Dahlin is better.

  8. Tyson MacGillivary says:

    and just like that sportsnet makes my day hahahaha

  9. Billical Genius says:

    Playesrs wow and this is a professional company

  10. Cassius Catallo says:


  11. Luke Canning says:

    Greatest comments ever

  12. gumby says:


  13. Jackson L says:


  14. SantaClaus IsReal says:

    I'm starting to think this channel isn't that legit

  15. ReaceDeace says:

    I wanna become one of the best playesr in the NHL

  16. RHArthur says:

    A pretty lit playesr am I right guys

  17. Mr. English Broomstick says:

    chabot is my favourite playesr

  18. You Smell That? says:

    Yeah he is a pretty good playesr

  19. NightRaven says:


  20. Dylanhockey34 says:


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