The Romance Of Betty Boop ❤ Movie

❤❤❤ The Romance of Betty Boop is a (1985) animated film starring Desirée Goyette as Betty Boop.
The story is set in New York City in 1939, during the Great Depression. The film opens with a New York montage, as a voiceover in mock period style introduces the story of “a romantic hardworking New Yorker, an independent girl who wants nothing more than to put her feet up and marry a handsome millionaire.” Desirée Goyette sings “Just Give ‘Em Your Boop-Oop-a-Doop” over the opening credits. Scraps of popular songs, especially “I Only Have Eyes for You”, appear throughout the film.

Betty Boop is a girl who is adored by her neighborhood and courted by Freddie the iceman, but who dreams of moving in high society and achieving “personal greatness”. Betty sells shoes by day and performs at Club Bubbles by night. Uncle Mischa Bubble, the Russian owner of the club, is threatened by Johnny Throat and his two henchmen because he cannot pay his debts. Seeing Betty perform on the stage, Throat decides to take over the club to force Betty to go out with him.

Betty sings “I Wanna Be Loved By You” to attract the attention of Waldo Van Lavish, a millionaire playboy. Betty goes on a date with Waldo, during which he says he wants Betty to meet his parents, so she believes he wants to marry her. Later, on her way to meet him, Betty is kidnapped by Throat’s henchmen and taken to his apartment. Uncle Mischa calls Freddie to rescue Betty, but Betty escapes on her own. She meets Waldo’s aged parents and discovers that Waldo merely wants her to be a maid in his parents’ house. At the end, Betty apologizes to Freddie for ignoring him and gives him a kiss. To Freddie’s dismay, however, she then gets a call from Hollywood to do a screen test
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20 Responses

  1. Kitty Girl says:

    whos watching this in 2017?

  2. Markie Harper says:

    they made her a prostitute crazy

  3. HARPER FRIEL says:

    "We have nothing to fear except fear itself and losing both your jobs" honestly Polly I can't deal rn could you not

  4. Dashing Nyan Teresa says:

    9:16 He touch s her butt

  5. Mashyla Sims says:

    Why yall mad jealous cause Betty is better than yall ugly asses tall all nothing tf Betty is something LOL and I hope she get yall her boop a be doop LOL text me if yall mad tf we can work this out LOL oh and who ever is talking about Betty is jealous of her

  6. Marie Claire says:

    Something is telling me that all the man in the beginning are going to rape her

  7. Gina Labrada says:

    "I only have ICE for you" xD

  8. Eye Zodiotic says:

    …but bimbo???

  9. Black Daddy says:

    At least don't gold did for someone who had French bread load chin lookin like Shrek.

  10. Nancy Velvet says:

    I absolutely love all of the singing and music throughout the video/movie

  11. Wulan Rosmeina says:

    how could she eat turkey by herself? girl u r gonna spend ur money at the gym

  12. Crystal Love says:


  13. Reinodos says:

  14. Eden Groves says:

    "An independent girl who wants nothing more than to put her feet up and marry a handsome millionaire." HAHAHAHA! Do they know what independent means?!

  15. June Same says:

    Betty is such a….

  16. Niamh McL says:

    17:25 "wodka" love this😂

  17. Sir Jake says:

    I had no idea that the guy who played Norm from Cheers was in this. I just found out a few weeks ago he was in this cartoon.

  18. L E M O N T I T L E says:

    shes badass

  19. Sierra Rambles A Lot says:

    "I'll give you a chunk" I fucking died😂😂😂

  20. Seto Lockheart says:

    For some odd reason I felt like I was watching a clash of "Schoolhouse Rock" and "Pink Panther" rather than a Betty Boop cartoon. Although I don't mind the UPA style, I just felt it didn't give an original Betty Boop cartoon feel compared to the Fleischer Bros work. It was okay, but not my cup of tea that didn't leave me satisfied.

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