The Ultimate Gatsby Moving Rubber Review!

The Ultimate Gatsby Moving Rubber Review!

If you where ever curious about what color to use, this video will help you!
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Shot by: Tim Shiiba
Edited By: Adam Taylor
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20 Responses

  1. Kiet the Viet says:

    what haircut do u have

  2. greek god says:

    hey tim! great video..liked it…though i have a confusion….i have curly hair,so which gatsby product would be useful for me???

  3. Andrew Lim says:

    my green gatsby wax turned semi liquid after opening.. what can i do?

  4. Mr. Milkshake says:

    Get better products like Hanz de Fuko or Byvillian, Gatsby is not recommended

  5. BoxxyFan says:

    "Do I look sexy?"

    No. You're Asian.

  6. Xtrendence says:

    You have such an awesome personality.

  7. Rybackz says:

    awesome review man!!

  8. Swish says:

    I have thin/fine hair, so which one would have the best hold, low to medium shine and would stay in my hair when I play sports

  9. Kinta02 says:

    If anybody ever reads this and know their gatsby products: I have ashblonde, wavy and pretty dry hair medium long hair. Im looking for a product that gives me a little shine but not much to get rid of the haylike look. Also products that add some decent volume are very welcome. In the end Im trying to get a look that is somewhat like this:

    Would any of the gatsby products be right for me? which one? 🙂

  10. Alan Zhu says:

    Some steps you need to know about before using gatsby. Like anything preparation is key, the key step before applying it is to thoroughly clean your hair with shampoo. That way your hair is light and easy to maneuver. After molding your hair with gatsby, use hair spray to allow your hair to set in place, but don't use cheap hair spray-use one that has strong hold without shine.

  11. thaiduitx says:

    I love Grunge Matte and Air Rise

  12. Aditya Bhagwati says:

    do these products wash of easily without shampoo ?..and are the paraffin and sulphate free ?

  13. Aditya Bhagwati says:

    what about washability?

  14. entity hardjake says:

    I kinda like this man bro like, he's so chill

  15. Vg_Bradon4994 _ says:

    I have 3-4 inches on top and I have thick hair. I want it to hold all day, should I get the grey or pink gatsby?

  16. QuickQuips says:

    Wish you also added the Ultra Hold to compare. It's pretty intense and affordable too.

  17. FlamingSkull says:

    7:51 crazyrussianhacker

  18. Juan Hernandez says:

    Thanks I bought the pink one

  19. Splash Attack says:

    Thank you so much for this video! You are so dope and I love your hair bro! I was having trouble deciding between purple or pink, but I'm going to go with the pink. 🙂 It will work nicely for my medium-medium long faux hawk.

  20. Veroniciany Veronica says:

    Wow! This guy is so handsome! Hahaja

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